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Our Form 4 and 5 students are grouped together in one big class, unless we end up with 18 or more students (this year, we had 16). We have two blocks of classes, which overlap with each other with three required sessions: Apologetics, Worldview & Survival and Announcements, Hymns and Lunch, and Nature Walk.

Class Descriptions

Students should be prepared to participate in class discussions. One of our big goals in the STAR Form 4 and 5 class is to have students process their reading out loud. We believe, like Charlotte Mason, that once a student can verbally explain something he or she has learned, that knowledge belongs to the student and will stick with them. For this reason, our classes are not didactic in nature (a tutor doing the majority of the talking), but rather, they are a group discussion--of tutor-lead student discussions. It's a beautiful way to learn!


Literature, Grammar and Composition

Students will be reading great literature, learning grammar skills, literary techniques, how to analyze and read a book, and how to write an essay. Students will be doing some memory work and recitation in this course. We will have tea time during this class.

History & Government

This course will involve reading books, speeches and important documents and discussing them in class, and covering history from 1850 to modern times in living history books and historical fiction. Students will read at home and discuss their readings in class, with occasional projects and writing assignments. 

Nature Study & Walk

This segment is dedicated to walking outdoors, looking at God's creation, and drawing and/or painting what is observed.

Bible & Apologetics

This is our most important class! This class is required, because we want every student who attends STAR to interact with God's Word and memorize Scripture. Every other subject is tied to this subject. While we believe reading great literature is important, God's Word is the only book that can truly transform a life. 

Students will read the Bible and multiple books about faith and God's Word and this class will be full of great discussions. Students will memorize twenty-eight verses both in class and at home, and we pray those verses are stuck in their head forever!


In this portion of the day, the students will sing two hymns and discuss the history of one of the hymns or hymn writers.


Students will be introduced to one artist per term, one composer per term, and one poet per term. In this course, students will look at a post-card sized print of the week's painting (which they can then take home) and discuss it with the class. They will also hear the week's classical music and discuss it, and read the week's poem and discuss it. Students will also memorize poetry in this course.


In this course, students will discuss the survival books that were read at home. Survival will also include occasional cooking assignments.

Life & Worldview

The purpose of this class is to challenge students to grow in character, to learn methods of dealing with life's challenges, and to develop a "why" behind their own life decisions. Students will read great books and discuss them.

Consumer Math & Logic

This course is super fun! Students are going to learn about and practice a lot of practical math skills, like writing checks, and investments, and bargain shopping, and grocery budgets, and the final project includes planning a vacation. Students will also learn some logical fallacies over the school year.


In this course, students will learn and practice Latin.


In this class, students will read living physics books at home, and they will do experiments in class with a tutor. 


Our Form 4 and 5 classes are taught by paid tutors, and these students may be dropped off at STAR. That said, our expectations are that Form 4 and 5 parents will still be involved. These are our expectations:

  • Sign our¬†Statement of Faith¬†as well as our¬†Family Expectations¬†(and have their student(s) sign these documents, too)
  • Commit to bringing their student to classes for 28 weeks unless there is sickness in the home (see our¬†calendar¬†here) or a pre-planned¬†absence¬†
  • Communicate with the tutors about upcoming absences
  • Participate in a Family Interview
  • Pay the Application Fee upon application
  • Pay the Tuition by July 15, 2024 (by check or PayPal)
  • Make sure their teen participate in Announcements, Hymns, Lunch and Nature Walk (12:15 pm to 1:30 pm)
  • Show up to our potlucks and to some STAR events
  • Help their student(s) with homework
  • Be in communication with the tutors and the director

Please make sure to read the list above carefully. STAR provides an option for teens to be dropped off, but this is not a drop-out program for parents.

Books and Supplies Needed

Some Basic Supplies

For almost all classes, your student will need the following:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • lined paper
  • a binder/and or folders to keep things in
  • composition books or moleskine books for each subject
  • a Book of Centuries (If you can get this one, I¬†recommend it, it is beautiful! A cheaper option, and a bit easier to carry to class is this one.)
  • a Commonplace Book, or, a nice looking journal that the student¬†may wish to keep for many years


History & Geography


Literature, Grammar & Composition


Nature Study & Walk 


Bible & Apologetics





  • A lunch (peanut-free)
  • Water bottle



  • ¬†N/A, art cards and poetry will be provided in class




Life & Worldview 


Consumer Math & Logic






*Audio is available

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Application: $75, paid at the time of application

(application fee increases to $100 on June 1

There are three options available, to make STAR more affordable for families. Basically, each block is $400, and each student must be enrolled in at least two consecutive blocks (Block 2 is required).

Or, you may choose from the following options: 


  • Partial Day $800 (Blocks 1+2 or Blocks 2+3)
  • Full Day $1,200

Physics Supply Fee: $50

Building Fee: $70

Tuition is due by July 15, 2024.


Total Cost

Total for two blocks: $945 (Blocks 1+2) OR $995 (Blocks 2+3)

Total for all three blocks: $1,395


Additional Costs:


You may find books new or used. Some books are available in pdf format (a less expensive option than is listed below). New, the books total approximately:

  • $320 for Block 1
  • $270 for Block 2
  • $215 for Block 3


School Supplies (binders, paper, pencils, pens, etc.)

A tea cup (for Block 1)

A box of favorite tea to share (for Block 1)

Field trip & event fees


Note About the Blocks:

Our classes are designed to overlap in subjects, so that students can make connections between the books they are reading. If it is possible for your student to attend a full day of STAR classes, that is our recommendation. There will be some language arts woven into the History course, for example, and some history woven into the Literature course. Charlotte Mason said that "Education is the science of relations," and we believe that at STAR! We hope that students will make relations between all of the books they read and that they will discover truth, beauty and goodness through their coursework!


Some Notes About Form 4 and 5 Classes

Our Form 4 and 5 classes follow the same four-cycle approach as the Form 1, 2 and 3 classes. This means that the whole family will be studying the same:

  • Apologetics topics
  • Bible verses
  • Hymns
  • Artists
  • Composers
  • Poets
  • Science subjects
  • History time period (people, places, events)

This was set up intentionally to provide an opportunity for whole-family homeschooling and to promote academic discussions in the home.

For 7th through 12th Grade

These classes are specifically designed for 7th through 12th grade students. We will not accept a student who is in the 6th grade. Students must be 12 years old or older at the start of the school year in order to join this program.

The Day of the Week

The Form 4 and 5 classes have typically been held on Wednesdays. We are waiting to hear back about our building situation. Depending on how that works out, we will either meet on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Rigorous But Doable (And Scalable)

These classes will require some effort, but should take no more than four or five hours per day of homework on the days the student is at home.

If you find that the work takes your student longer, this program is scalable! Talk to the tutor about adjusting the workload for your student.

If you find that the work is too easy for your student, again, talk to the tutor. We are happy to adjust your student's reading schedule and add more books as needed.

STAR Teens Like to Hang Out!

Join this course if you like to hang out, too! We plan to have gatherings to watch the movie version of some of the books, and to watch some other movies that fit in with our history timeline. This past year, teens from STAR have gone to vintage balls together, hung out at the mall together, and some have hung out after STAR and then they went to youth group all together.

Looking for a Cohort of Students

Teens at STAR become good friends and enjoy spending time together. We are seeking a cohort of students to stick together through their middle school and high school years; to grow, learn and be challenged together.

Classes Will Be Graded

This will be our first year introducing GRADES! We are going to be giving out grades for assignments, attendance, participation, and overall class grades. This will:

  • Hopefully motivate students to put their very best effort in
  • Help moms & dads as they prepare high school transcripts


STAR is a Screen-Free Environment

STAR students will be expected to place cell phones in a basket at the beginning of class & not use phones during class time or lunch time. If parents need to get ahold of their student, they can contact the director or the tutor.

The only exception to this rule is when students are giving a digital presentation on a computer.

Why We Don't Offer Math Like Algebra and Geometry

We find that, even within the same grade level, most teens are on different levels of math. It's difficult to coordinate a class to meet everyone's needs. Also, many STAR families do math online, using a variety of programs (ask, and we're happy to give you suggestions!). 

Plus, we want STAR to be an environment where students can participate and grow and learn, whether they're on track, behind or ahead in high school math. Our classes are based around a lot of discussion over literature. Many of the titles we read can be found in an audio format, as well, and some students may find audiobooks an easier way to learn. We try to accommodate all levels of learners, and not having math classes is part of that effort.

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