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About STAR

What is STAR Homeschool Community?

STAR stands for “Seeking Truth and Righteousness.” STAR is a community that meets in Lynchburg, Virginia on Wednesdays, for twenty-eight weeks throughout the school year. We are a non-denominational Christian community, committed to teaching our children hymns, Scripture, and many other beautiful subjects. We are a Charlotte Mason-inspired and classical community. 

STAR was started by Brenda Scott, and is run by a board of three members. You can read more about Brenda here.

What ages of children can attend STAR?

Students who are four and up may be enrolled in STAR. Siblings who are under the age of four will need to be in the nursery.

Our students are arranged in “forms,” as follows:

Form 1: Pre-K (4 & up) through First Grade
Form 2: Second and Third Grades
Form 3: Fourth through Sixth Grades
Form 4: Seventh and Eighth Grades (and some Sixth Grade students, with permission)
Form 5: Ninth through Twelfth Grades

What does a STAR day include?

It depends on the Form. All students (and moms) start the day with hymns and announcements. After that, Forms 1a, 1b, 2 and 3 partake in the following:

  • Composer study
  • Artist study
  • Apologetics
  • Poetry
  • Read Aloud (Forms 1a and 1b) or Literature Discussion (Forms 2 and 3)
  • Tea time
  • Nature Walk
  • Project Time
  • Memory Work
  • Show and Tell
  • Memory Work Review (if time)
  • Lunch Time

Form 3 has some optional afternoon classes:

  • Grammar & Writing
  • Math Games

Forms 4 and 5 have a full day of course options. You can learn more about those here.

What curriculum is used at STAR?

We use a variety of materials. Our director, Brenda Scott, plans it all out and publishes these plans on The Gentle Learning Company

What curriculum do families use at home?

STAR families with students in Forms 1, 2 and 3 use the Claritas Publishing Cycle 3 memory work materials, some read aloud books, and other than that, every other curriculum suggestion is optional.

Families with students in Forms 4 and 5 will need to purchase the books listed on the Form 4 and 5 page.

Are there other activities to participate in?

Yes! We are a pretty active group! We have mom’s nights, field trips, movies at the end of a chapter book, potlucks, and more! These are not required activities, but they are highly encouraged.

Does a family need to be “religious” to attend STAR?

Yes. STAR is a Christian community and there is a statement of faith that will need to be agreed to and signed.

Are there any requirements of moms at STAR?

Yes! Moms of students in Forms 1, 2 and 3 are required to stay in class and are assigned a tutoring or assisting position that rotates each term. Moms are also required to join one of three committees, and to help with set up, clean up, or playing piano for hymns.

The tutor & assistant positions:

  • Form 1 Tutor
  • Form 2 Tutor
  • Form 3 Tutor
  • Tea, Poetry, Composer, Art and Literature Discussion Tutor
  • Nature Walk Tutor
  • Memory Work Tutor
  • Apologetics Tutor
  • Projects Tutor
  • History, Science or Geography Games Tutor
  • Nursery Director & Nursery Assistants

The Committees

  • Clean up/Facility/Supplies
  • Project Planning
  • Event Planning

The Weekly Help We Need:

  • Set Up
  • Playing piano for hymns
  • Clean up

Who teaches at STAR?

For Forms 1, 2 and 3 it is the moms! Don’t worry, we share with you exactly what to teach & you’ll likely only be covering one subject per term. You’ll need to have whatever book is needed for that subject (say, for example, the memory work guide–or the apologetics book).

Forms 4 and 5 are taught by paid tutors. Also, Form 2 and 3 afternoon classes are taught by paid tutors.

What is the cost to participate?

For the second half of the year, (starting in January, ending May 1), our fees are:

Forms 1, 2 and 3

  • $75 application fee per student (due upon application)
  • $175 tuition per child, due July 15
  • Building Fee TBD (has been $70 per family the last two years)
  • $25 worth of supplies for the community (per student)

Forms 2-3 Afternoon Classes

(only available to families enrolled in morning classes)

  • $15 per student to save a spot in the class for the school year, and
  • $250 for the school year, due July 15 (per 1 hour class)

Forms 4 and 5

  • $75 application fee per student
  • $? Building Fee per family (it has been $70 the last two years)

Class Fees:

  • $250 per class

Nursery (for children under 4 years old)

  • $0

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