About This Project

Below, you will find links to the books of the Bible. If you click on the links, you will see chapters listed, and if you click on a chapter, you will see verses, song titles, artists and album titles, and links to the songs. When I first created this project, it only included links to Spotify songs. I am adding links to other platforms almost daily. Bear with me as I get these uploaded to the site, from my 500+ page document! 

Why am I working so hard on this project? Simple: I want people memorizing God's Word, and I have found music to be the most effective tool in my life.

My basic rule for adding songs is that they actually had to be a song--not spoken words to music. They also had to be word-for-word Scripture. You will likely find artists that you prefer over others. I have, too. I have included as many songs as I could find on the internet so that you can make a choice and listen to your favorites.

If a book, chapter or verse is not listed, that probably means I could not find any songs for that book, chapter or verse. If you find songs that I have not listed here, feel free to comment on a post to let me know!


More About This Project

This is a labor of love! It has taken many, many hours to compile. I was originally going to sell this as a PDF, for $5 or $10. When it became over 500 pages and was difficult to navigate, I prayed about putting it up on the web for free instead. I am thankful for this choice, because now, anyone, anywhere, can start memorizing Scripture, without having to spend any money. If you like this project and wish to support the work I do, you can purchase one of the products I create on this site, or buy me a book on my list. (I create reading plans for homeschool & I end up purchasing a TON of books to do this! I am also hoping to build a collection of pretty hardbacks of the classics.

There are people who have influenced this project and they deserve thanks! First, my Grandpa Warren taught my siblings and me Bible verses every time we stayed at his home. Second, I listened to NIV Kids' Club videos, Steve Green's Hide 'Em in Your Heart cds, the Harrow Family's Sing the Word cds, and my friend Martha Minter's Bible Study in Stereo cd's and all of these have caused God's Word to be stuck in my head, and to come to mind at exactly the right times in my life. I am SO GRATEFUL! My friend Amy mentioned wanting to memorize much of the Bible with music one time, and that stuck in my head, too. I reached out to her after I began this project, and she shared her iTunes list with me, which has taken her years to compile. Amazing! Also, there are others who have made lists of Bible memory songs, and I have gleaned from their work as well. Daniel Mount's site has been helpful. I had a whole list of Scripture songs done and then found his list and realized there were some I had not seen before! 

I really hope this blesses you, and that most of all, God's Word gets stuck in your head because of this project. God is good, and His Word is true. His Word says that we will face trials of many kinds. Having His Word in our mind as we navigate those trials will make them more bearable.