Apologetics, Worldview, Survival & Enrichment

This is a 1.5 hour class, every Friday at 1 pm EST on Zoom. Covers: Bible, Apologetics, Worldview, Artist Study, Composer Study, Poet Study, Hymn Study and Survival. 

1.5 elective credits*

$150 per family


  • Charlotte Mason-Style
  • Includes Living Books
  • Reading & assignments Monday through Thursday
  • Discussions in class on Fridays

Books Needed:

Form 4 & 5 Apologetics and Worldview



Dates of Classes

We will begin half-way through the syllabus, since we are half-way through the school year. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. The virtual class is just getting started, in January!

  • Week 15: Jan 26
  • Week 16: Feb 2
  • Week 17: Feb 9
  • Week 18: Feb 16
  • Week 19: Feb 23
  • Week 20: Mar 1
  • Week 21: Mar 8

March 15, break for Spring Break

  • Week 22: Mar 22

March 29, break for Good Friday

  • Week 23: Apr 5
  • Week 24: Apr 12
  • Week 25: Apr 19
  • Week 26: Apr 26
  • Week 27: May 3
  • Week 28: May 10

Meet Your Tutor

Michelle Wiegand tutored the entire Form 4 and 5 class at STAR Homeschool Community in Lynchburg last year. Michelle's undergraduate studies were at Emmanuel College, in Bible and theology. She attended graduate school at Regent University and studied public policy. She has worked in higher education administration, special education, and in several academic and extracurricular homeschool co-ops. Michelle has been reading the Bible all the way through every year, ever since she became a Christian, at thirteen years old. We can't think of anyone more qualified to teach Apologetics and Worldview! She also has extensive knowledge about literature, history, and all of our enrichment topics (artists, poets and composers). It is a blessing for any student to learn from Ms. Michelle!


Are these courses taught from a Christian worldview?

Yes! You don't have to worry about your student being indoctrinated with worldly ideas in this course. We want students reading, memorizing and understanding the Bible.

Where will these classes be taught online?

These classes will be taught on the live class option in Kajabi (the platform that the courses are in). Alternatively, a class may be hosted in Zoom. 

Is there a minimum class size?

Yes, in order for this class to happen, there must be at least three families enrolled. If we don't get enough registrations, families who enrolled will be notified & refunded.

What if my child cannot make it to a class?

No problem, just let your tutor know. Classes will be recorded and can be viewed at another time.

Will there be homework?

Yes, there is reading assigned for each class, and sometimes there are essays or assignments.

Will my child's work be graded?

No. These courses are not graded. We recognize each student's parents as his or her primary educators.

What is the benefit of doing this coursework online?

It is so important to talk with others who are reading the same materials, and to bounce ideas off of one another. These courses will be focused on discussion. Come prepared to speak!

Are the books included in this course?

No, the books will need to be purchased separately. The links above are affiliate links to Amazon.

What if my child cannot get through all of the reading?

Talk to Michelle about it, and you can work with her to adjust your child's reading schedule. We want to meet students where they are at.

 Will online research be required?

Online research is not a requirement for this course. Some subjects may be better understood with some online research, but it is not necessary if you are opposed to your student doing research online. If you would like to avoid online research, you will want to purchase a few more books (see book list for suggestions).

What else is included in this course?

The Apologetics, Worldview, Survival & Enrichment class includes printable art cards for the year and a printable poetry book that covers all 28 weeks of poetry.

What grades are these classes for?

These classes are for students in grades 7 through 12.

Are refunds available?

No, due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are not available.

Apologetics, Worldview, Survival & Enrichment


  • 14 weeks of 1.5 hour classes
  • Bible reading (takes a student through the whole Bible in four years)
  • Bible memory verses
  • Apologetics & Worldview reading
  • Survival Presentations once per month
  • Quarterly Composer, Artist and Poet (weekly music, art and poetry)
  • Class discussion once per week on Fridays from 1 to 2:30 EST.
Enroll by January 22!